Podcasts / Radio

Unmistakable Creative — Getting to the Heart of What You Want to Say with Jamie Varon (podcast)

Burn the Bullshit — Guilt

The Mental Illness Happy Hour — Sex & Politics with Jamie Varon

Darken the Page — The Anchor of Your Conviction, Freelancing and Marrying Commerce and Art (podcast)

CliffCentral — Guest on #Kellman (#1 online radio show in South Africa)

CliffCentral — Does validation really matter?: radio interview with Arye Kellman

CliffCentral — As Seen Online: Jamie Varon

Cheers, Stomps & Whistles — Vulnerability, art, and comedy (podcast)

Real Talk Radio — Jamie Varon on Trusting Yourself and The Power of Taking Risks (podcast)

Real Talk Radio — Jamie Varon on Change, Money, and Allowing Yourself to Be Happy (podcast)

Real Talk Radio — Jamie Varon on Friendship, Money, and Building a Joyful Life (podcast)

The Signature Boss — #4 Jamie Varon: Trusting your intuition + creating your own life (podcast)

Now What Did We Learn — Self-Acceptance with Jamie Varon (podcast)

Get the Funk Out! — Interview with Janeane Bernstein for KUCI 88.9FM in Orange County, CA


Interpretive reading of This Is How We Date Now on YouTube by Raining Silver

Love Right Now — a short film created by students at the University of Portsmouth based off This Is How We Date Now. This was also screened at BFI Southbank London.