About Jamie


Hi, I’m Jamie Varon and I’m a writer, designer, and creative consultant living in Calabasas, CA. I spent 2018 living in Paris and the South of France in Cannes. I’m 33 years old, a Gemini, and I’m married to a Tunisian man who I met in Paris in 2011 when he didn’t speak any English (we used a lot of Google Translate to talk). I’m passionate about creating a life that feels really good, self-love, and finding small and big moments of joy.


Currently, I am focused on a few projects, as well as on my business, Shatterboxx. I write all sorts of vignettes and tips on building a life you really love on Instagram. I host monthly online workshops on various topics ranging from how to set intentions to how to build a confident life to getting your financial life together. I have a print shop of my writing as art prints. I write a story to my email list every Friday called Friday Letters. And, my favorite daily ritual is spending 20 minutes every morning writing out my intentions. I also love Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Schitt’s Creek and will watch either show anytime, anywhere, any episode.

In other wonderful news: I am currently working on my first book. I am represented by Carly Watters of P.S. Literary.


My writing has been featured on Huffington PostFusionComplex/NTRSCTNMediumThought Catalog, GOODTeen VogueThe Liberty Project, and SF Weekly. I started blogging back when Xanga was still a thing and have been sharing my life online in various capacities for almost a decade. I’ve had at least 6 different blogs over the years, and I’ve written thousands of my most honest thoughts across various websites and media. If you’re interested in my past articles, click here.


In 2009, I started Shatterboxx, a boutique creative agency, and have worked with clients such as Bed Bath & Beyond, The Bloggess, Erica Jong, Marie Forleo, Penguin Books, and various others. My primary focus is in creating bold, beautiful brands, creative strategy from content creation to social media, and building Squarespace and Wordpress websites.

Other Projects

In 2009, I was on CNN Live and featured in Fortune for creating a viral website called Twitter Should Hire Me (they didn’t hire me). In 2013, I co-created an online branding course called Brandgasm 101 with copywriter and creative genius Ash Ambirge. In 2014, I built an iOS app called Paper’d that was downloaded over 100,000 times in the first week and a half. I also co-created a program called UNLOST with Paul Jarvis to help other creatives get out of their own way and do the damn work they want to do. From May 2014-May 2015, I was an Editorial Advocate and Senior Writer for Thought Catalog where my writing was read by over 21 million people in just a year.